Why Do You Need Medicare Supplement Plans Along with Medicare in Kentucky?

Why Do You Need Medicare Supplement Plans Along with Medicare in Kentucky?

Last updated on: November 08, 2022

When looking over the different parts of Medicare coverage and considering your options in KY, you may find yourself wondering just what parts of the plan you generally need. 

Medicare parts A and B provide the bulk of necessary coverage, so you may be wondering why you need Medicare supplement plans in the first place. 

While Medicare will cover a large swath of typical medical needs in terms of hospital stays or certain treatments, there are certain options that, unless covered by a supplemental plan, will need to be paid for out-of-pocket in KY. Depending on your exact medical needs, the benefits of Medicare supplement insurance might quickly outweigh the costs, and be worth considering when signing up for the right plan for you. 

Here’s a quick overview of what Medicare supplement insurance is, what benefits it can offer, and why you might want to consider enrolling.

What Exactly is Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Medicare supplement insurance (sometimes called Medicare Advantage or Part C) is a privately offered insurance plan that provides more benefits than what is covered by Medicare parts A and B. 

First, to enroll in Medicare supplement insurance, you must already be enrolled in Medicare parts A and B and live in the area covered by that particular individual plan in the state of Kentucky. 

Since there is a wide range of plans from state to state and individual plan elements may vary it may be difficult to speak specifically about these plans’ benefits there are some commonalities between these plans that make them potentially useful for an individual’s medical coverage. 

Some supplement plans cover different benefits that aren’t offered by Medicare parts A and B, like routine vision or dental coverage, health and wellness programs, or some prescription drugs. That said, many Medicare supplement insurances in Kentucky also offer Part D prescription drug coverage as part of their overall coverage. 

Since these plans are all privately offered to a specific area (as opposed to Medicare Parts A and B provided through the federal government), there are differences in exact coverage from carrier to carrier and from plan to plan in KY. This range of differences makes it important to compare plans to find the best plan in your area to meet your individual needs.

What are some Medicare Supplement Benefits?

These plans will help cover some of the common medical expenses that aren’t covered through Medicare Part A and B alone in KY.

These private plans typically have more flexibility in what they can cover, which means there will be more differences in costs and coverages. It’s important to note that, generally, a plan from an individual state will have certain elements of coverage that make it belong to that particular letter group. For instance, most plan A’s will have similar elements that make them a plan A supplement, and so on. 

However, you still need to be enrolled in Medicare to take advantage of the supplemental coverage. For common needs like dental care and eye exams, a Medicare supplement plan can mean the difference between getting the ongoing care you need or weighing such care against paying that cost entirely out-of-pocket.  

Every Medicare supplement plan is different, just as every person is different, and each offers potentially the right level of care for the right person in KY. 

Why Might You Need Coverage Outside of Medicare Part A and B in Kentucky?

The exact benefits of a Medicare supplement will vary from plan to plan in KY. There are typically around ten different plans offered in an area. 

While most plans in Kentucky are organized into similar supplement plans (usually also designated by letter, Plan A, B, etc.) these plans also offer differing benefits from state to state. 

For example, a Medicare supplement plan A in Massachusetts might have different coverage than a plan A in California. 

No matter which state you live in, there is a wide range of Medicare supplement plans available to get the right level of care an individual senior may need facing retirement. 

When looking at your Medicare supplement plan options in Kentucky, it might seem like there are an overwhelming amount of options and choices to consider, but you don’t have to face this decision alone. 

At Enroll Medicare, we’re here to help you to compare rates and benefits for the plans in your area, helping you to make the most informed choice on the supplemental plan best for you. With only a few questions and typically within minutes, our experts can help narrow down what might seem a harrowing list of options into the Medicare supplement plan in your region that meets your needs best and is competitively cost.

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