How To Cancel Your Existing Medicare Supplement Plan in Kentucky

How To Cancel Your Existing Medicare Supplement Plan in Kentucky

Last updated on: November 08, 2022

If you purchased a Medicare Supplement Plan in Kentucky and you aren't happy with it, you don't have to feel like you're stuck with the plan forever. Maybe you're unhappy with the coverage and you want to switch plans, or you're dissatisfied with the insurance company you purchased it through. You may have realized that their rates are a lot higher than other companies you could have signed up with. The good news is this: in KY, you aren't stuck! We can help you figure out how to cancel your existing plan and switch to a new, more stable and affordable plan. We'll make it as easy as possible for you. The first step is answer a few questions to get connected to a Kentucky Medicare Supplement expert from Enroll Medicare.

Reasons You Might Want To Cancel Your Current Plan If You Live In Kentucky

  • You don't need as much coverage as you currently have
  • You need more coverage 
  • You would like to switch insurance companies
  • You want a different, less expensive policy 

Regardless of the reason you want to cancel your policy or switch to a different plan, it's important to know that you'll likely need to go through medical underwriting when you sign up for a new plan once you cancel yours. If you're eligible under a specific circumstance or guaranteed issue rights, you will be able to switch without going through underwriting. When you go through underwriting it means that the company can screen your application with medical questions and they can turn you down of they don’t like your answers. If you are within the Kentucky Medigap open enrollment period, you won't have to go through underwriting if you cancel your plan and switch to a new one.

Notify Your Current Medicare Supplement Company

If you decide you want to cancel your plan, the first thing you need to do is notify your existing policyholder that you wish to terminate your coverage. Generally, you must inform the insurance company of your wishes either in writing, by fax, or by phone. If you aren't sure if it has to be in writing, or if an email or phone call is sufficient, your best bet is to call your Supplement company and ask them what rules need to be followed if you want to cancel a policy. 

If you decide to sign up through us at Enroll Medicare, we can help you cancel your existing policy and get you signed up for a new one. Just give us a call and we’ll get it done.


When people decide they want to cancel their existing Supplement plans, we’re often asked the same questions. We thought it might be helpful to provide a short frequently asked question section for you. 

Once I Cancel, Can I Buy A Medigap Policy Outside Of The Kentucky Enrollment Window? 

In Kentucky, you are always permitted to cancel or change your Medigap policy, but you might have to go through underwriting, depending on the reason that your Medigap policy was terminated. In the following situations, you will not be required to go through underwriting, and the insurance company is required to offer you a Medigap policy, regardless of pre-existing conditions

  • You enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan, and the insurance company no longer services your area
  • Your Medicare Advantage Plan has been discontinued or has decided to no longer contract with Medicare
  • You have a Medicare Advantage Plan and moved out of the service area
  • You have Original Medicare, and the coverage you have through your employer is ending
  • You are enrolled in a Medicare Select Plan, and you are moving out of the service area
  • Your Medicare Supplement Plan is terminated because the company you purchased it from went bankrupt
  • You canceled your Medigap Policy because the insurance company misled you or broke the law in some way

Can I Sign Up For A New Supplement Plan Before I Cancel My Old One?

If you want to cancel your current supplement plan and switch to a new one, you might be worried about terminating your current policy before signing up for a new one because it could leave you without coverage for a period of time. Legally, an insurance company is not allowed to sell you a second supplement plan until the current one is canceled. 

The only exception is if you plan to cancel your first one. If this is what you intend on doing, you will need to notify your current Medicare Supplement Plan insurance company that you plan to cancel your policy so you can sign up for a new one. This notification must be in writing. Once this is completed, you will be permitted to purchase a new plan before you terminate your original one. 

In Kentucky, Can I Cancel My Policy And Switch Without Penalty If I Just Signed Up?

If you've just recently signed up for a Medicare Supplement Plan and you aren't satisfied, you might be able to cancel and get your money back if you live in Kentucky. If it has been less than 30 days, call your insurance company and inform them that you wish to cancel and receive a refund. In the state of KY, you should be entitled to get your payments back, minus the reasonable cost of health services your plan paid for. Additionally, if you've seen doctors, or used any medical services, you'll be responsible for your share of the Medicare costs. Again, if you need help, Enroll Medicare Kentucky is always here to walk you through it. We have experts on call who can help you get signed up for the best plan at the best rate.

Enroll Medicare Can Help

If you want to cancel your existing Medicare Supplement Plan and switch to a new one, contact us for help. We can walk you through the steps of terminating your current plan. Additionally, we can compare new plans for you and help you sign up for a different Medicare Supplement plan. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to switch to the best coverage for the best price.

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